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nine // public post

Coming home from work was AWFUL AWFUL today. I had self-heating gloves on and layers and layers of clothes, looked like one of those baggy old cat ladies, all swaddled up in hobo clothes, but still! Still, I crawled through the doorway half-dead! How is that even fair?

-- and it doesn't help that Varkins always demanded I bet at work at INHUMANE HOURS, so I rush out the door with my hair wet most days, and today I forgot that -- it was, y'know, winter -- ice everywhere, pretty horrendous. And the stove was broken at work and I tried to fix it so I could have my tea like a proper lady but it just started singing and -- I know magic doesn't go well with all the fancy electronics and stuff but -- my tea.

It was right terrible, I don't even know -- I think I will slough around the flat like the LOSER I am in some sweatpants and, and -- eat popcorn. And watch movies. In here. On the sofa. Where it's warm.

Or perhaps dance.


why is this holiday so stressful. merlin's drawers.

it is ridiculous, mates, just ridiculous all-around. i am tired of all of this madness, y'know? and the season just started!
but at least there is eggnog. at least there is that left in the world. small mercies, at least. but i still have so many gift to find! for mum and dad and friends and most importantly, for varkins. do you know how hard he is to shop for?!?! VERY HARD.

badou, let us venture to the mall sometime soon. it will be an adventure.


i don't know how to make things better
maybe pancakes . . .

six // public

life is kind of a bummer lately ):


I want to be put on this case, vargie vargalicious vargitude. sir.


five // public

poor tykes. we'll find them.

four // public


I'm thinking a pretty princess. Or! Or! I don't know. Oh! and I'll probably be throwing a party, if Vargret doesn't decide to drag me around to work on that night. I'll just claim it's my holy day if it comes to that, mm?

Anyhow! Suggestions, yes?

three // public

Fun week.